Bitcoin2014 second day

Waking up after such an horrible traveling day was really difficult, but I was so exited that I woke up around 07:00, took a cup of coffee and met the husband of the host, IT guy not so interested in Bitcoin, but I bet he would be somewhen before my departure.

I took the bike and started going really fast!… It didn’t go well as the bike is a classic model that didn’t even had breaks next to the hands but rather you have to stop spinning backwards. It took me only about 12 minutes to arrive near the Passanger Terminal Amsterdam, but I was trying to cross a lot of water and did’t know the way to get the bridge I was looking at! I finally arrived and was like the third person in the place o.o… So, time for more coffee, but a long line of coffee addicts and Bitlievers were keeping me away from it, I guess everyone were at the same coffee-shop as they had BitPay, the lonely Subway wasn’t selling any sandwich for that very reason, hah!

Jon Matonis introduced the day and sir Patrick Byrne was on stage teaching us history, philosophy and many interesting things that I saw around and everyone had lights in their eyes (*w*).

Lots of people, many unknown faces for me, a few familiar though, I was really happy to meet everyone and put faces to the projects. One of the best Bitcoin panels ever in front of me


I collected contacts from all those I already knew and some interested in joining us for dinner or something, but at the end it was not possible to arrange something with those many people without telephone nor internet, how did people before all these technologies knew where their friends were!?

As I was all alone and disconnected I was invited to join a group for a little touristic activity and a dinner. After all that and meeting new people, I got the bike and came back to take a little rest, but! I was invited again for a little walk so I did a lot of tourism too :) and now the 9flats hosts are thinking on accepting Bitcoin from 9flats for their next guest.


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