Bitcoin2014 third day

This day I woke up really tired so I decided to stay in bed a little more. I showed up at the Passanger Terminal, by bike again, around 10:00. I had a meeting about the current situation of the Bitcoin foundation in Spain and the affiliate program that we were trying to accomplish some months ago. After it, I did a lot of networking a connected some people from very interesting projects, the conversations of these recently met teams were really interesting. Mycelium devs, Electrum’s ThomasV, Maran (finally met the guy! He helped me a when starting to contribute to Electrum’s code and the use of the OSX Terminal for github based code).


A web developer with a passion for Bitcoin, Economics and freedom. Electrum collaborator and translator. Member of Café Bitcoin, founder-admin of Bitcoin Venezuela and member of the Board of Directors in Cryptor Trust Inc.

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