Bitcoin2014 first day

I’m finally heading to so let’s see the original cool of Amsterdam, Holland :)

First I need to take a flight that starts at 9:55 and stops in Barcelona for an hour or so (Seville doesn’t have many connections to Amsterdam as one may expect), estimated time of arrival (yeah I know it can be abbreviated, but no thanks, I don’t want to be followed by more agencies…) is 16:30.

Let’s hope that Elon Musk jump to Europe someday and bring some more innovation in transports and accept Bitcoins :) time will tell.

Bon voyage!

Hello again Barcelona, I’m already bored of you… Just kidding. This is the 4th time I’ve been to BCN, but for only one hour more. The best time was clearly in March 5th 2011 when My Chemical Romance made their concert. I won’t ever forget last September Bitcoin meetup with Amir, Thomas, Tristan, Andy, Charles and many others… That is the second best time here :)

See you soon BCN!

-_____-” hello BCN… There was another flight SVQ->AMS, but it would have lasted +12 hours due to the BCN connection taking a lot of time, so I took the only good option there was, it was suppose to leave BCN airport at 13:50 just an hour or so of waiting. It ended up being almost 4 hours of delay due to an strike of airspace operators in France. Right after hitting 13:50 and still in a queue with no plane for us, the screens started saying every half an hour that the plane was delayed for another 30 minutes (despite me tweeting and warning the information guy that the Vueling webpage and Google says that the estimated time was set at 17:00 since 14:00), not only keeping almost 70 people stressed about the craziness of the screens it was also changing the gate and we were moving to all of theme hoping it was true. It seemed that someone finally listened or got bored of making fun of us and decide to tell us the plane was estimated to arrive at 17:00, they gave us a “free” snack.

I missed the reception of the Conference (18:00) as I arrive Central Station at 20:30 or so.

After the first call (of many) from a “foreign country” (I still don’t get what is the European Union for, maybe it wasn’t enough with one central bank per country, they needed one more to rule them all) to Tristan Winters (Bitcoin Association of Australia) we catched up in a bar, surprisingly there was an Apple Store in front of it and I didn’t entered, looks like I’m ready to switch to Android. After a pair more calls I finally was able to spell correctly Leidsesplein (I tried with English, Spanish, French and finally got it clear enough with German!) and met with Thomas Voegtlin (Electrum) for dinner.

I don’t know how, but I got in time for the possibly last bus to the place I rented on 9flats, even though it was 00:30 later in the night, the owner showed me the place and gave me the keys of a bike that she lent me for me to use the day after (so cool!). That’s how I was converted into a Dutch in no time.